Saturday, 28 May 2016

Girl at the fair

It's half term finally!! Freedom from exams are in full swing (even though I had no exams, no harm in celebrating with everyone else!!) Going to the funfair is a tradition for me every year, and I make sure I sit on all the kiddie rides, and then make a fool of myself. But I have to admit the best part is indulging in candy floss, hot sugary donuts, toffee apples and flying saucers. The weather was beautiful yesterday so I decided to wear a skirt, and no surprise it was a denim one! We definitely got some odd looks from people while taking these photos but it was worth it!! 
Denim skirt: Laura Ashley
Graphic vest top: Primark 
Black turtle neck: Primark
Sandals: New look

Habeebah xxx


  1. Great photos hun! This fair is very close to where I live!! :) Love the long denim skirt!

    1. Thanks so much sweetie! the fair is only there for a week so I would definitely recommend you go. :)